1. #artbookshelfie @whitechapelgallery

    #artbookshelfie @whitechapelgallery

  2. messes of paintings #nofilter #art #artists # mixed media #paint

    messes of paintings #nofilter #art #artists # mixed media #paint

  3. Messes of Paintings

    Mixed Media

    Rachel Spencer

  4. asylum-art:


    Glow in the Dark, Resin Inlaid Wood by Mat Brown

    on Etsy

    A few days ago, UK industrial designer and jeweler Mat Brown shared with the Reddit community his ingenious idea for a set of resin inlaid chestnut shelves . He wanted to do something productive with a long piece of chestnut wood that he owned. .It was heavily cracked and had knotholes, so some woodworkers might choose to avoid it. 

    But Brown had a plan. He mixed resin with glow-in-the-dark powder and poured it into the cracks and holes. He then varnished it with 8 or 9 coats of a linseed oil solution. Brown made the now elegant board into a lovely set of shelves that glow under black light.

    so cool im gunna do this one day!!!

  5. The Hidden Order Of Art

    So Long time no post, sorry bought the lack of posting of artwork but basically i haven’t done anything recently. i’ve recently come across a bit of creative block.

    So as i couldn’t actually create i decided to research in the form of reading ‘The hidden order of art’ by Anton Ehrenzweig. As recommend by my tutor who feels i think too much about my work :/.

    Anyway about the book. i ca’t say its suddenly given me creative vision and light once again to be honest, and to be fair it is quite dull and dreary and damn right agony to read in some places.

    But their are a few areas of interest i found within the book. So i’ll tell you about them.

    This quote i feel is what my tutor was aiming at me

    "To feel the submerged depth coherence we must, almost with an effort, abandon the conscious need for logic, order and sequence"

    this is all very well but i don’t know how to turn off those voices of good vs evil creativity the constant why but yes etc in my head. if anyone has any tips for this would be highly appreciated.

    "art more than any other human activity documented the fundamental striving of the human mind towards the stable"

    "Good art teaching (and creativity itself) is dependent on a greater than usual tolerance of anxiety because of the need to work through one’s total personality… It is wrongly thought that creative people strive on neurotic illness"

    "the creative person faces his illness and its attending anxieties so that they noisily dominate his behaviour. But he is not more neurotic for this reason; rather the reverse is true"

    These two quotes are from the same section of the book i believe these are quite helpful and beneficial even though I’m still trying to get my head around where as an artist i stand within these walls.

    "art’s main communication occurs on a deeper psychic level where the artist’s conversation with his own work is carried on, that level of unconscious scanning and integration which tends to appear chaotic and meaningless to a purely intellectual scrutiny"

    "in stead of straining too hard to discover his inner self, the student should  objectively study the outside world"

    Sorry about the lack of talking about the book just quotes. At the moment I’m still trying to digest and kind of work out what is next.

    currently I’m lost.

  6. Prague


  7. tim burton baloon boy in prague <3  (at Prague)

    tim burton baloon boy in prague <3 (at Prague)

  8. yay acetone came #happyprintmaking student #printmaking #art #artists #acetone

    yay acetone came #happyprintmaking student #printmaking #art #artists #acetone