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  3. #MTVBreaks #Photographer

    #MTVBreaks #Photographer

  4. #artbookshelfie @whitechapelgallery

    #artbookshelfie @whitechapelgallery

  5. messes of paintings #nofilter #art #artists # mixed media #paint

    messes of paintings #nofilter #art #artists # mixed media #paint

  6. Messes of Paintings

    Mixed Media

    Rachel Spencer

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    Glow in the Dark, Resin Inlaid Wood by Mat Brown

    on Etsy

    A few days ago, UK industrial designer and jeweler Mat Brown shared with the Reddit community his ingenious idea for a set of resin inlaid chestnut shelves . He wanted to do something productive with a long piece of chestnut wood that he owned. .It was heavily cracked and had knotholes, so some woodworkers might choose to avoid it. 

    But Brown had a plan. He mixed resin with glow-in-the-dark powder and poured it into the cracks and holes. He then varnished it with 8 or 9 coats of a linseed oil solution. Brown made the now elegant board into a lovely set of shelves that glow under black light.

    so cool im gunna do this one day!!!